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You Can Make Baklava in a Fraction of the Time with This Ingenious Hack

I adore preparing with phyllo bread, the instrumental ingredient to make flaky spanakopita and baklava. it is marketed in convenient frozen sheets during the food, conserving a lot of effort and time, however it’s however finicky to utilize. The levels tend to be awesome slim and dry effortlessly, and each dish I’ve previously utilized instructs you to color butter or oil between each level generate that trademark crispy flake. It’s a real work of love.

A smart hack on Instagram from Yumna, also referred to as @feelgoodfoodie, has actually myself reconsidering how to approach phyllo. Rather than cleaning every individual level, she merely pours melted butter or ghee across whole cooking pan of baklava and bakes it. The butter penetrates the levels and you also however obtain the fantastic flakes that baklava is renowned for without additional work. This fast and simple option would be a game-changer and, as she states in her own movie, “this technique will literally simply take you ten minutes in place of one hour.”

Along using this tip, Yumna stocks a fast and simple dish for baklava in caption. A number of levels of phyllo are positioned in a baking cooking pan, topped with a processed combination of walnuts and sugar, and eventually another level of phyllo. She cuts the most notable into diamond forms making it better to provide later on and (I’m presuming) to aid the butter better enter the meal. The ghee or melted butter continues on top while the entire thing is baked. Glucose syrup is poured over after cooking and growth, it is done!

Thanks on pour-over butter technique, this can be one for the simplest baklava dishes I’ve previously seen. Next time I’m hankering for many crispy, flaky levels, I’ll take to Yumna’s phyllo technique.

Laurel Randolph


Laurel is a food journalist, dish designer, and editor. This woman is the writer of four cookbooks, among that was a #2 best-seller of 2017.

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