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This $12 Pack of Scrunchies on Amazon Can Hide Cash, Lip Balm & More

Want to understand what Amazon buyers believe? Have a look at after reviews. 

“Im therefore excited to use these away! They truly are elastic, smooth, and sturdy. Becoming regarding dense part, it meets back at my chubby wrist therefore undoubtedly full figured authorized. I am therefore excited having these at EDC to place my secrets or chapstick. I am able to effortlessly access my wrist as opposed to going right on through my entire case. Positively worth every penny.”

“I love my brand-new scrunchies! They really fit my locks tight! I enjoy that i could put my additional input it and never concern yourself with dropping it. And it is comfortable and smooth! I enjoy it! We’ll consistently get ONLY these!”

“i am truly stoked up about the product! I enjoy scrunchies and hate whenever I do not have space to hold one thing. This can be a very wise and innovative creation!”

“ideal for exercise sessions. My child wants to carry on works and hikes, and fortunately typically brings the woman puppy along. But he is definately not an attack puppy, and then we desire the girl to-be safe. I purchased these on her behalf. They truly are ideal for keeping secrets, lip balm, and money. She’s a little thing of pepper squirt within one also. Additionally ideal for whenever she fades. Nobody would like to hold a purse forever once they’re moving, and ladies’ clothing haven’t already been built to what you need due to their pouches.”

I purchased these only a little over last year for myself and love all of them. I made use of all of them for shows plus strive to hold quick such things as my debit card/license or simply just chapstick. We also purchased some for my pal for xmas since she actually is constantly on trips performing things, really loves scrunchies, and dislikes taking a bag all over the place. She is obsessed!”

“Perfect to visit! Wen’t made use of these to really hold our long-hair set up; even more as an instrument having money available. These locks ties stretch & place sufficiently to appear pretty around a ponytail with some bucks inside zipper pouch. Additionally, comfortable back at my wrist/my children’s arms!”

“Super comfortable and has now even more area you then would believe. Love the zippers blend with scrunchie!”

“everyone else adored these! My children wants to travel, so they are an ideal option for concealing tiny requirements.”


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