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The Wildest Moments From the Summer House Season 6 Reunion

Lingering Emotions throughout the Wine Glass Toss

The Austen circumstance generated things getting actual during one debate whenever Ciara put a wine cup at Danielle. At reunion, she admitted it absolutely was a massive blunder. “we allow my feelings have the best of myself, but that is maybe not a justification and I also cannot have,” Ciara stated. “I became only therefore over becoming dismissed and disregarded inside residence, together with point of discussion would be to already have a discussion, but [Lindsay] in fact had the smuggest of smug appearance on her behalf face as though i did not also f–king matter. And Danielle getting included…”

Danielle insisted she “wasn’t also attempting to come at” Ciara, however. “It escalated into many unsightly of locations that i possibly could ever before imagine,” she stated, getting psychological. “we have to never ever arrive at that f–king point ever—not as females, much less individuals of color—over a f–king stupid idiot man.”

“Seeing that right back has-been the toughest,” Danielle included. “i simply actually want you’d’ve texted myself.” 

Ciara recognized that she should’ve without a doubt achieved out but had been concerned Danielle would not be receptive. Regrettably, consequently, “because much time went by,” Danielle stated, “I created much hatred in myself available.”

Cue the cliffhanger closing. 

Part two of the summer-house period six reunion airs Monday, might 16, at 9 p.m. on Bravo. 

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