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Sophia Bush On One Tree Hill, Good Sam, And Drama Queens


what is ideal word of advice you have previously already been provided?

whenever I happened to be gearing around direct my very first bout of One Tree Hill, I happened to be shadowing a director who was simply on ready around, just who i must say i recognized. I inquired towards vibe because, you understand, a group vibe is extremely essential. It is the thing that, you understand, besides once you understand my outlines right here on Good Sam each day, good vibe is my number 1 concern on ready. Like, exactly how safe folks feel and exactly how respected folks feel, which everybody is experiencing delight at the office. Therefore I requested this manager exactly how he cultivated these types of a fantastic vibe, and then he stated, “Simple. Once I ended up being coming and I also ended up being shadowing a director i must say i recognized, we discovered this: a concept constantly wins.” 

It ended up being these types of a lightning pole minute. There is an assumption of hierarchy and pride inside company, and the ones are a couple of things i actually do perhaps not sign up to, therefore my motto on set each day is, “a concept constantly wins.” whether it is my concept, the manager’s concept, my costar’s concept, the hold’s concept, the 2nd digital camera operator on digital camera B, the main focus puller, the sound man — no matter whether it comes down through the individual at art solutions just who tends to make a phenomenal BLT — it is simply that most readily useful concept gains. Through that your particular basis power, you allow everybody else realize that their particular viewpoints tend to be respected, that their particular presence is respected, that who they really are and exactly why they truly are right here matters for your requirements. The greater amount of diverse experiences and people you’ve got providing ideas, the greater tips you end up making use of. It is the many wonderful objective.

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