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See the Virgin River Season 4 First Look Photos

Mel is seeking the cloud’s gold liner in period four of Netflix’s Virgin River.

The very first appearance photographs for the 12-episode period programs Alexandra Breckenridge‘s Mel adopting the not known: “Despite unsure whether the woman child belongs to the woman dead spouse, Mark or Jack [Martin Henderson], Mel starts period four with a feeling of optimism,” based on Netflix. “consistently she yearned to-be a mother along with her fantasy is just one action nearer to truth.”

Of training course, there is nevertheless part of the woman that really wants to understand just who the woman young child’s parent is, but there are more things for attending, such as the arrival of Dr. Cameron Hayek, played by Mark Ghanimé.

According to Deadline, Dr. Hayek is the hospital’s most recent doctor, just who: “equipped with attractive visual appearance, a razor-sharp intellect and a grin might illuminate the entire world, Cameron tends to make a sudden splash in the city.”

Ghanimé and Kai Bradbury had been launched as brand new cast people in October, only 90 days following the bombshell season-three finale, where Mel inseminated by herself.

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