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See a Bizarre Bulging-Eye Bug Stuck in 100-Million-Year-Old Amber | NEWSRUX

Bulging eyes. Elongated mouth. Sticky ft that oozed resin. A newly found bug discovered trapped in 100-million-year-old Burmese amber is so uncommon that it wanted its circle of relatives. Sadly, it is extinct, so it is the one one in all its type, however the amber preserved beautiful particulars of its physique.

Amber professional George Poinar Jr., a professor emeritus with Oregon State College, is the lead writer of a paper describing the bug printed within the journal BioOne Full final month. “It’s a small predator that used its protruding eyes to find insect prey,” mentioned Poinar in an OSU assertion this week. 

P. exophthalma’s oddball eyeball gave it 360 imaginative and prescient.

George Poinar Jr./OSU

Amber is a exceptional preservative. It begins off as a sticky tree resin that ensnares crops and animals earlier than fossilizing over time.

The bug is now named Palaeotanyrhina exophthalma. It is a “true bug” belonging to the Hemiptera order of bugs that features acquainted modern-day critters like cicadas, aphids and murderer bugs. However P. exophthalma did not match with any current households of those bugs, so it wanted its personal: Palaeotanyrhinidae. That title comes from a mix of Greek phrases that emphasize the specimen’s age, lengthy physique dimension and prolonged head form.

The dainty bug is about 0.2 inches (5 millimeters) lengthy. The protruding eyes are significantly notable. “Its eyes offered a transparent, 360-degree view of its habitat so it may see prey that may seem from any aspect,” mentioned Poinar. It additionally has a sheath on a few of its legs stuffed with a “resinous substance” that may have helped it hold onto prey.

P. exophthalma is yet another instance of the traditional marvels that’ve been preserved in amber. Take a look at our gallery for extra treasures, from flowers to an insect that appears like E.T.

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