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Pomegranate Rouge Recipe

The reason why it really works

  • Using a beverage shaker quickly chills and blends the components.
  • Pomegranate adds a discreet sweetness and lemon adds a brand new tartness, each of which complement the complex tastes of Lillet Rouge.

Prompted because of the classic French 75, this beverage is fizzy, happily nice, a little spiced, and refreshingly tart. Fashioned with the autumn and winter season at heart, it really is fashioned with pomegranate quick syrup, fresh lemon liquid, sparkling wine, and Lillet Rouge.

Lillet is a brandname of French aromatized aperitif wines fashioned with Bordeaux red grapes and strengthened with citrus liqueurs. While beautiful independently, these aperitifs tend to be marvelous whenever topped down with anything bubbly, including club soft drink, or stirred into a mixed beverage. Lillet Rouge is ruby-red, obvious, and bright—a mixture of oaky Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that is dried out and wealthy with tannins, with noticeable records of tangerine, fruits, herbs, and vanilla. It is the perfect partner to piquant pomegranate and tangy citrus.

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Even though it is possible to liquid fresh pomegranate to help make the syrup inside dish, it is messy (the liquid spots terribly) and notably work intensive, and pure pomegranate liquid are located in many supermarkets all year. The pomegranate quick syrup requires just a gentle heating on stovetop to break down the sugar. To round on that syrupy sweetness, fresh lemon liquid is crucial. After testing a variety of citrus choices, from tangerine to grapefruit and minneola tangelo, trusted old fashioned lemon ended up being the obvious champion. Because Lillet Rouge is a little nice and contains tips of tangerine, the lemon liquid adds brightness on beverage, complementing one other elements without contending using them.

After rattling collectively the Lillet Rouge, lemon liquid, and pomegranate quick syrup in an ice-filled beverage shaker, afin de it into a sizable flute or coupe (i enjoy a coupe!), and top it well with fizzy Champagne or gleaming wine. There isn’t any event this beverage is not ideal for, whether you are having friends over for lunch, hosting a vacation celebration, or just appreciating an after-work beverage.

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