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Kailia Posey’s Death and the Heartbreaking Side of Young Fame

Celebrities opening about their particular psychological state battles features unquestionably already been one of the most good advancements within general public discourse lately, the reassurance that any particular one actually alone at a minute often making a big difference.

Yet nonetheless many times, people who’ve invested amount of time in the limelight have finished up getting reminders that, regardless the sources available or how large and enjoying the help system, your discomfort may be unknowable until it really is far too late.

The category of previous Toddlers and Tiaras star Kailia Posey were left reeling following the 16-year-old died by committing suicide  may 2, revealing in a statement 2 days later on, “Although she had been an established teen with a bright future in front of the lady, regrettably in one single impetuous minute, she made the rash choice to get rid of the woman earthly life.”

They noted that, while the woman title recognition emerged primarily from truth television, Posey won “countless crowns & trophies after contending in the pageant circuit the lady whole life,” and, on the list of things she had been apparently getting excited about, she had won an area on the highschool’s cheerleading squad when it comes to autumn.


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