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How electric pickups stack up in price, range

SAN ANTONIO — Ford engine’s brand-new F-150 Lightning is an electrical vehicle. Which will appear apparent trained with seems like a truck and contains electric engines and a battery pack in place of an engine, nonetheless it should be stated.

the reason why? Because an effective battery-powered pickup is a crucial step up the EV change, for Ford therefore the business at-large.

While business frontrunner Tesla seems customers will buy electric automobiles and Rivian Automotive shows there is need for electric way of life cars, the F-150 is considered the most considerable test so far on whether EVs can go from conformity cars and niche vehicles to an item that entice much more traditional purchasers.

The electric pickup marketplace, though nevertheless mostly unverified, will be necessary for people to view when you look at the following many years. Vehicles typically have actually fat income and account fully for about 20percent of cars offered when you look at the U.S., in accordance with automobile cleverness company Edmunds.

LMC Automotive needs the U.S. electric pickup marketplace to boost from about 25,000 cars this present year to at least one million roughly by 2030. You will find likely to be five electric pickup designs in the marketplace this present year, and that is anticipated to leap to 21 within the after that ten years.

Ford’s F-150 Lightning may be the very first standard vehicle going electric. It is not a GMC Hummer EV “supertruck.” It is not a Tesla “Cybertruck.” It is not a Rivian R1T “adventure automobile.” It really is a pickup vehicle, electrified.

The great things about the F-150 Lightning resemble the Hummer EV and Rivian R1T, however these electric pickups — the sole people offered presently when you look at the U.S. — aren’t produced equal. The 3 drive in a different way, and can interest various purchasers once product sales move forward away from very early adopters into much more basic, EV-curious purchasers.

F-150 Lightning

The Lightning life to the F-150 title both in purpose and type, acting as a bridge amongst the standard pickup individuals understand and a unique EV. It shares a lot of its design and components using its standard sibling, besides the powertrains, some design tweaks and an optional 15.5-inch control display.

It’s additionally listed like a normal pickup, including about $40,000 to over $90,000. That is like Ford’s existing lineup of big four-door pickups as well as in range with typical costs of approximately $61,000 for a full-size pickup, in accordance with Cox Automotive.

An electric pickup when it comes to public is one thing Ford was at a distinctive place to create to advertise. Its F-Series lineup, such as the F-150, happens to be the best-selling automobile in the us for 40 many years therefore the top vehicle for 45 many years.

The business attempt to make an electrical type of the F-150 vehicle, also it succeeded. The car works as a full-size vehicle. Nevertheless electrification brings advantages of basically instantaneous torque, enhanced storage space through a huge forward trunk area, or “frunk,” in which an engine would typically be — also it eliminates the duty of getting to fill-up on gasoline.

The Lightning drives like an F-150 need, and that is maybe not a poor thing. Ford along with other automakers have actually progressively changed pickups from harsh-riding work vehicles to comfortable cars with the capacity of navigating effortlessly on / off roadway.

The automobile’s big battery pack offers up a level much better trip, because it keeps the automobile much more grounded and offers a closer 50-50 body weight proportion for much better stability. In addition to that, it gives a level pulling knowledge because EVs do not require transmission equipment modifications, that are specifically obvious whenever towing cargo.

as the Lightning can perform scaling mountains and sometimes even only a little harsh surface, it generally does not match into Hummer or R1T for the reason that respect — but that is by-design. That is a truck intended for conventional purchasers, maybe not a distinct segment section. Ford eventually can offer these types of a hardier automobile, but this is not it.

The F-150 Lightning can perform to 580 horse power and 775 foot-pounds of torque. Customer designs using its top-end 131-kWh battery pack begin at about $72,500 and also have a variety of to 320 kilometers for a passing fancy fee. Its towing capability is to 10,000 weight —between that the Hummer and R1T. Automobiles with smaller electric batteries and a variety of 230 kilometers tend to be inexpensive additionally provide less overall performance.

Electric Ford F-150 Lightning

Andrew Evers / CNBC

One associated with Lightning’s many special benefits within the Hummer and R1T is its abilities for on-board energy generation. Ford filled the automobile with outlets and a bi-directional recharging system that will run a-work website or property in case of a blackout for as much as 10 times, based power consumption.

Ford began shipping the F-150 Lightning early in the day this thirty days for choose fleet purchasers plus than 200,000 booking holders. The organization have not established with regards to will reopen its purchase lender, because it intends to crank up manufacturing to 150,000 cars by mid-2023.


The Rivian R1T has actually some first-mover benefit when you look at the electric pickup marketplace; manufacturing started final autumn it is ramping up gradually. The R1T is able both in overall performance and off-roading, going 0-60 miles per hour in three moments like a sports vehicle, nonetheless it can measure stones or big mountains like a Jeep SUV.

Its inside and external styling, with vegan fabric and genuine lumber, tend to be more Tesla-like posh than off road brute. Additionally it is a much smaller automobile — about 16 ins reduced, in reality — compared to the F-150 Lightning, which makes it much more similar to a Ford Ranger or Jeep Gladiator.

That talks to just how Rivian is positioning its services and products as “adventure cars.” It really is just how Jeep has actually explained its SUVs for decades, making Rivian a lot more of a threat into Stellantis SUV brand name compared to the F-150.

For today, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe agrees, informing CNBC during a recently available meeting your three pickups tend to be each “pretty various services and products.” Cross-shopping amongst the Rivian R1T, the Hummer therefore the F-150, he stated, are incredibly reasonable: “plainly the target and targets are very different.”

Edmunds reports buyers studying the R1T usually shop around the Ford Mustang Mach-E crossover along with other EVs, versus various other pickups.

However, Scaringe has actually alluded to programs for the full lineup of cars at Rivian, which in theory could feature a bigger vehicle.

Rivian R1T electric vehicle

Source: Rivian

Starting prices when it comes to R1T ranges from $67,500 to $85,000. Automobiles now available have actually to 314 kilometers of range for a passing fancy fee with a 128.9-kWh “large” battery pack. Efficiency variations with four engines combine to make 835 horse power and 908 foot-pounds of torque. The car can tow to 11,000 weight — an essential metric for several pickup proprietors.


There’s reasons GM resurrected Hummer, a brandname infamously preferred when you look at the 1990s and 2000s because of its exorbitant, gas-guzzling cars. Whether you adored Hummers or hated all of them, you understood all of them. This means GM had brand name understanding baked in providing the latest EV remained real to create when it comes to brand name, also it does.

The Hummer EV pickup seems like a modernized type of its descendants. It really is big, flamboyant and intensely able.

Instead of guzzling gasoline, it drains plenty of power. The electric Hummer is apparently the smallest amount of efficient electric vehicle associated with three at 47 MPGe, an electrical automobile range equivalent for kilometers per gallon. That comes even close to 70 MPGe for the R1T and F-150 Lightning. But once again, it really is Hummer, just what exactly do you anticipate?

The Hummer’s off road ability additionally stands apart weighed against another two pickups, that will help clarify its reduced effectiveness plus than 9,000-pound body weight.

This Hummer can measure stone climbs easily, whilst appearing a smooth on-road knowledge and exemplary hands-free highway operating with GM’s Super Cruise system. In addition features removal roofing panels that will match the automobile’s frunk and lots of various other unique and concealed functions, including a “crab stroll” mode and quicker recharging compared to the various other vehicles.

GM tossed every thing it had plus to the Hummer when it comes to off road and gratification components. Its $110,000 beginning pricing is a testament compared to that, before lower-priced alternatives anticipated when you look at the many years forward which could begin at $79,995.

GMC Hummer EV Edition 1

Michael Wayland / CNBC

The existing top-end Hummer, despite its body weight, can perform 0-60 miles per hour in three moments using its “Watts to Freedom,” or “WTF” mode. It really is with the capacity of to 1,000 horse power and 1,200 foot-pounds of engine torque. Its range for a passing fancy fee is to 329 kilometers with a 212.7-kWh battery power (which 205 is functional, GM claims). It may tow to 7,500 weight, the cheapest raise associated with three electric pickups.

Unlike utilizing the Rivian pickup, Edmunds states some significant cross-shopping amongst the electric Hummer and its particular less durable rivals. Purchasers enthusiastic about the Hummer glance at the R1T therefore the Lightning for contrast over other designs.

That crossover, though, nevertheless just signifies about 9percent of the vehicle hunters.

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