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Episode 6 of Home of the Dragon, entitled The Princess as well as the Queen, is most likely to be amongst one of the most questionable in the collection. Time dives are shot in the darks, so HBO is playing with fire below. There’s a void of over one decade in between episode 5 as well as Sunday’s program. That indicates a number of brand-new faces: Emma D’Arcy is Rhaenyra Targaryen currently, as well as Queen Alicent is currently played by Olivia Cooke. 

Both the princess as well as the queen have a team of kids running concerning them currently, as well. Stress are currently a lot even worse in between Rhaenyra as well as the queen. Besides, Alicent’s environment-friendly wear episode 5 did hint battle. 

A complete wrap-up of Home of the Dragon episode 6 is listed below. Care: Looters in advance.

The future is currently

Last we saw Rhaenyra Targaryen she was obtaining wed to Ser Laenor Velaryon. In this episode, the initial point we see is Rhaenyra delivering – it’s a child! Other than it’s not the Rhaenyra we understand. Currently one decade older, the princess is played by Emma D’arcy rather than Milly Alcock. 

The 2nd point we see, essentially as the kid is provided, is a carrier can be found in stating the Queen has actually asked for to see the kid. What flawless timing.

Come With by Ser Laenor, that’s additionally all matured currently, both stumble to the queen’s chambers. The queen is additionally a brand-new lady, Olivia Cooke rather than Emily Carey. 


Rheaneyra Targaryen as well as Laenor Velaryon. 


The household is signed up with by grandfather Viserys, that is in some way still active. He broke down at the end of episode 5, over one decade back. He looks older as well as a lot more sickly — far more sickly — yet he’s still kicking.

They’re calling the child young boy Joffrey, Ser Laenor reveals, in honor of the enthusiast Laenor shed on the wedding celebration evening. (He does not reveal that 2nd little bit.)

“Do maintain attempting, Ser Laenor,” Queen Alicent states independently to the Royal prince as she bids him adios, “earlier or late you’ll obtain one that resembles you.” 

Ends up young Joffrey is in fact the pleased pair’s 3rd kid. Well, Rhaenyra’s 3rd kid: They’re in fact fathered by Ser Harwin Solid. Harwin is the kid of the Hand of the King, Lyonel Solid, as well as was the person that saved Rhaenyra in the wedding celebration quarrel throughout episode 5. Rhaenyra as well as Laenor have actually obviously struck a deal: As long as he makes believe to be daddy of her kids, Laenor is cost-free to enjoy as he pleases.


Ser Harwin Solid, the daddy of Rhaenyra’s kids.


Queen Alicent as well as Viserys currently have 4 kids, 3 kids as well as one lady. They’re definitely Targaryen, with silver hair, while the locks on Rhaenyra’s kids heads are all bumpy brownish. We see all 6 of the kids in the dragon pit finding out exactly how to bond with as well as command dragons.

The children play a trick on Alicent’s youngest — Aemond — informing him they would certainly obtained him a dragon yet providing him with a pig strapped with artificial wings. Timeless zinger. The queen isn’t having it, challenging King Viserys concerning the bigger problem.

“I have actually elevated this issue prior to as well as you have restricted me to mention it, so I held my tongue,” she informs Viserys. “To have one kid like that is a blunder, to have 3 is a disrespect to the throne, to you, to Home Velaryon as well as the suit you fought so tough to produce her.” 

Viserys shrugs her off with a parable concerning some stallion he as soon as had, as well as factors that nature is mystical. 

“The repercussions of an accusation like the one you plaything at would certainly be alarming,” Viserys advises. “Do not mention this once again,” he includes, with a kiss on the cheek. 

That’s completion of that — for Viserys. Queen Alicent is fuming however, as well as has a ball to none aside from Ser Criston Cole, whom she conserved from self-destruction at the end of episode 5. 

“She shows off the benefit of her inheritance without embarassment, she anticipates every person in the Red Maintain to refute the fact our eyes can all clearly see,” she airs vent.

“The princess Rhaenyra is brazen as well as ruthless, a crawler that hurts as well as draws her target completely dry,” Criston includes. 

one decade isn’t sufficient to plain the sting of denial, it appears.


Queen Alicent as well as Ser Criston Cole. 


The love of a papa

In episode 5, all those moons back, Otto Hightower offered Alicent the 411 on sequence: When Rhaenyra takes the throne, Alicent’s kids will certainly come to be dangers to her regime, so she’ll need to place them to the sword.

Currently, Queen Alicent is the one alerting her kid of the identical point. We see Aegon Targaryen masturbating beyond his chamber home windows – the delights of aristocracy – yet he’s disrupted by his mum. She reprimands Aegon for ridiculing his little sibling with the pig trick, as well as states they require to be a unified front in public.

“As points stand, Rhaenyra will certainly rise the Throne as well as [her first born son] Jacaerys Targaryen will certainly be her successor… if Rhaenyra enters power, your extremely life might be surrender. Aemon’s too. She will certainly relocate to remove any kind of obstacle to her sequence.” 

“You are the King’s initial birthed kid, as well as what they understand, what every person in the world understands, in their blood as well as in their bones, is that day you will certainly be our king.” 

She after that strolls off. Not a reference of the wanking out of the home window point. 


Rhaenyra’s kids, Lucerys as well as Jacaerys.


Viserys is really hoping the solution to all this rubbing is some timeless schoolyard tomfoolery. Lords do not have college lawns, however, they have dealing with premises, as well as Viserys is neglecting his grand sons educate with each other. 

“This is right stuff, Lyonel!” the grandfatherly king states in an incredibly avuncular tone. “Train with each other, knock each various other down, choose each various other up, you’ll definitely develop a long-lasting bond, would not you concur?”

Undoubtedly, this is a negative prophecy.

Queen Alicent’s silver-haired kids are mauling a strawman when Ser Criston, that as Kingsguard knight supervises of educating the royal kids, recommends they attempt to fencing with him. Aegon as well as Aemon attempt as well as stop working to strike the master with their swords. 

Then, Ser Harwin, that’s been hiding about, recommends that “the more youthful kids might do far better with a little your interest, Ser Criston.”

That little remark winds up triggering a significant hassle. 


Ser Criston Cole educates the imperial kids, yet not to Harwin Solid’s contentment.


Ser Criston takes exemption, as well as advises Jacaerys to 1 vs. 1 swordfight with Aegon. Eldest kid vs. oldest kid, in spite of the unreasonable gulf in age.

Ser Criston trainers Aegon, while Harwin yells recommendations to Royal prince Jacaerys. At some point, Harwin action in when Jacaerys is down as well as Cole yells for Aegon to strike him with a large ol’ strike.  Viserys, seeing from the verandas, watches on with serious problem.

“Your rate of interest in the princelings training is rather uncommon, leader. Many males would just have that feeling for a relative, or a bro… or a child.”

And Afterwards it’s on. Harwin takes on Cole to the ground as well as defeats him bloody. Harwin is carried out, as well as we see a large smile throughout Cole’s bloody face. 

Rhaenyra looks out to an event in the court room, and also as she strolls to satisfy Harwin she is all ears on a discussion Hand of the King Solid is having with his kid. 

“Your affection with the Princess Rhaenyra is a crime that might suggest expatriation as well as fatality for you, for her, for the kids,” Lord Solid berates his kid. “Individuals have eyes, young boy. Yet his poise the king, it appears, will certainly decline what his eyes see. This lightweight guard alone separates you as well as the headsman.” 

Stepstones, once again

Rhaenyra remains in her chamber when Laenor stumbles in, a little intoxicated. Battle is afoot in the Stepstones once again, as well as he’s stimulated concerning the suggestion of going off to combat – a little journey to jazzs up the blood. 

“Are you crazy,” Rhaenyra barks, bringing him back to truth. There are dark, nasty reports as well as insinuations concerning their boys — no time at all for their daddy to leave the nest.

“I am a knight, as well as a warrior, as well as I have actually played my component below consistently, for one decade,” he states. Laenor states the smart seafarer leaves the tornado as it’s celebration, yet Rhaenyra commands — as her Queen — that he remain by her side.

Heck of a key resource there.

At The Same Time, while all this is taking place, Daemon has actually been fathering Velaryon kids as well. He’s joined Laena Velaryon — we saw him talk her up at the end of episode 5 — as well as both have 2 women with each other. Laena is expecting with a 3rd.

Early in the episode, we see Daemon as well as the household sharing a dish with some lord chap. They remain in Pentos, as well as Lord Chap asks if Daemon as well as his household — as well as his dragons — will certainly remain in Pentos. The Triarchy, that Daemon assisted beat years back, are mixing up difficulty once again. If Daemon as well as his dragons eliminate them, he’ll be compensated with gold aplenty. 

Daemon’s right into the suggestion, yet Laena isn’t as fed. 



As Daemon deliberate whether he’ll battle the Triarchy, the King’s Little Council is doing exactly the very same. It appears that the Little Council has actually come to be a political battlefield, as both loudest voices are that of Queen Alicent as well as Princess Rhaenyra. 

When the Stepstones as well as the Triarchy’s brand-new setup with Dorne shows up, Rhaenyra recommends protecting the location Daemon won a years back with males as well as tools. The queen states that would certainly be as well pricey, yet Rhaenyra terminates back that battle would certainly be a lot more pricey still. 

Yet after the conference, Rhaenyra has a strong, conciliatory recommendation. She excuses the rivalry their households have actually really felt of late, as well as recommends that her kid, Jaecerys, as well as Alicent’s little girl, Helena, be wed. In this way, their 2 households can unify as well as rule the 7 Kingdoms with each other.

King Viserys is fed, simply incredibly pleased. Alicent is cooler on the deal, giving thanks to Rhaenyra as well as guaranteeing to consider it.

“Exactly how swiftly the fox talks when it’s being caught by the canine,” Queen Alicent states to King Viserys. 

Hand of the King Lyonel Solid pertains to see the upset king, notifying Viserys he’s surrendering as Hand. Harwin’s outburst was a shame, one Lord Solid demands to spend for. 

“Younger Harwins outburst was regrettable, it holds true, yet he’s been removed from the City Watch,” Viserys demonstrations. “Certainly that’s penalty sufficient?”

Lord Solid states a darkness is being cast over his residence, which it’s harming both his online reputation which of his residence. Viserys needs he call the darkness — that is, explain in words the report that Harwin Solid has actually fathered Rhaenyra’s kids — as well as Queen Alicent enters, bold him too. However Harwin will not, so the King does not approve the resignation.

However Viserys does enable Lord Solid to companion his kid back to Harrenhal. The effects below is Lord Solid is fretted his kid will certainly obtain discovered as well as peremptorily performed. 

A good friend in requirement

While King Viserys is counselled by Lyonel, the Queen obtains recommendations from a Solid of her very own — “Clubfoot” Larys Solid, that in episode 5 comforted Alicent in the Godswood. 

Though Larys is basically her Master of Whispers, tonight it’s Alicent filling up Larys know the goss. Larys’ daddy tried to surrender, she informs him, yet the king would not enable it. 

“The Hand is endangered by the acts of his kid,” Larys states. “My daddy cannot provide honest council to the King.”

Alicent complains the lack of her daddy, Otto Hightower, that she states would certainly be endure sufficient to talk fact to the king. Larys advises her that it’s a stretch to call Otto neutral in this issue.

“No, yet he would certainly like me,” she breaks out with stress. “In all of King’s Touchdown exists no person to take my side?”

Daemon’s choice

Home of the Dragon’s designers appear to have a point for challenging birth scenes. As the episode relax, we see Laena Targaryen bring to life her 3rd kid with Daemon. However it’s not working out, as well as a medical professional offers Daemon the very same option Viserys entered episode 1: You can conserve the child, yet you’ll need to compromise the mommy.

Daemon, supposedly the poor Targaryen, rejects. 

The child is shed, yet that does not conserve Laena. Embarrassed at being not able to bare Daemon a child, she prostrates herself before her dragon as well as screams “Dracarys.”

Daemon goes to attempt to conserve her, yet does not make it in time. 


Daemon attempting to comfort his currently motherless kids. 


A Child’s Love

Harwin Solid takes his leave, as well as quotes Rhaenyra as well as the kids a goodbye prior to he leaves. After they see him off, Rhaenyra’s earliest kid, asks the unavoidable inquiry.

“Is Harwin Solid my daddy? Am I a bastard?”

“You are a Targaryen,” she responds to, ruffling his hair. “That’s all that issues.” 

With Harwin gone from King’s Touchdown, Rhaenyra isn’t staying either. She locates Ser Laenor, swordfighting in the yard with his enthusiast, as well as informs him they’re carried out in the resources.

“We’re ended up below” she states, informing Laenor that they’re flying to Dragonstone. “We need to have left years back.”

Laenor is concerned as well as saddened — yet Rhaenyra informs him to bring his enthusiast. “We’ll require every sword we can obtain.” 

However, Harwin will not have the ability to join them. 


“Clubfoot” Larys Solid.


A little earlier in the episode, we saw Larys in the King’s Touchdown dungeons, getting founded guilty bad guys on a job he requires assist with. That job, it ends up, was to eliminate his daddy as well as sibling. We see Hand of the King Solid as well as Harwin Solid getting to Harrenhal as well as, later on that evening, a fire bursts out in Harwin’s chambers. The dodgy men Larys hired are seen at the scene of the criminal offense.

“They’re dead?” a concerned Queen Alicent asks Larys Solid.

“The queen makes a dream. What slave of the world will not make every effort to satisfy it?”

The Queen is shivering with shock as well as anxiousness. Larys, that has actually eliminated his daddy as well as sibling, is awesome as a cucumber. 

“Larys, I did not long for this.”

“I know you will certainly award me,” Larys states, twirling a blossom in his hand, “when the moment is right.” 


Queen Alicent as well as the sickly King Viserys.


Significant Takeaways

There’s a great deal to remove from Home of the Dragon episode 6. Potentially most considerable is “Clubfoot” Larys Solid, that’s currently a significant aspect in the coming Targaryen burning. The competition in between Rhaenyra as well as Alicent has actually previously been political: Otto Hightower was rejected, not eliminated, as was Harwin Solid previously in this episode. 

Currently, many thanks to Larys, that’s all altered. The initial blood in the Targaryen civil battle has actually been splashed. As well as his solution included a danger: He informs Alicent that he makes sure she’ll pay him back for this support she’s paid him. Never ever rely on a man that twirls blossoms while he talks with you. 

Daemon Targaryen played a fairly bit part in this episode. His story with Laena really felt hurried — her fatality was challenging, as well as a little sudden. And now Daemon’s other half is gone, as is the daddy of Rhaenyra’s kids. That opens up both Targaryens approximately possibly link, specifically since Rhaenyra has actually made a house in Dragonstone.

The various other huge inquiry is how much time King Viserys can hang on. Much was constructed from his unyielding loss of sight to Rhaenyra’s shenanigans, yet also still it’s the king that’s holding King’s Touchdown with each other. When he’s gone, battle in between both Targaryen intrigues will certainly adhere to. He’s old as well as ill currently. It can not be long.

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