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Here’s How Apple’s iPod Lasted for 20 Years

Editor’s note, might 11, 2022:
 This discourse initially went in October 2021 to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of this iPod. We are rerunning it now after the development your iPod is eventually becoming put-out to pasture.  

For quite a long time, the iPod and Apple had been associated — organizations that have been continuously morphing and shaping, in the place of responding to, the whims of people. However while Apple’s fortunes continue to be rising, the iPod’s light features dimmed as well as the iPhone commands the lion’s share of interest. Nevertheless the unit that jump-started Apple’s contemporary fortunes is still available for sale after twenty years. 

No, really.

After its launch in 2001, the iPod, assisted along because of the iTunes songs store, became probably the most iconic devices of them all, spawning many imitators and legitimizing industry of MP3 people so it dominated. The iPod features developed and drastically altered with time: It is today an iPhone with no mobile radio. You could nonetheless purchase an iPod mention Apple’s website (you have to dig for this at the end of the house web page), a testament to its remarkable durability in a market in which last 12 months’s gizmo is rapidly forgotten. 

Is the iPod nonetheless appropriate within the 2020s? Why don’t we look straight back at iPod’s record and study just what features added to its stamina, and in which, if everywhere, it may be going.

The nostalgia machine

Nest Labs CEO and founder Tony Fadell announces a sales partnership with Electric Ireland at Web Summit in Dublin.

iPod creator Tony Fadell.

Stephen Shankland/CNET

Nostalgia is a feeling that keeps coming when anyone explore the iPod, but as any neuroscientist will say to you it is because songs and memory tend to be intrinsically connected. Tony Fadell, the former Apple government which created and built the iPod, was at a reflective state of mind while the ipod’s twentieth anniversary approached.

“A countless folks nonetheless reacall those iPod times,” Fadell informed CNET in a job interview. “it had been certainly a superpower.” 

Fadell was raised playing the Sony Walkman and, as fate might have it, ended up being recruited by Steve work twenty years later on to create just what is its electronic replacement. The iPod shortly became therefore common you can forget that Apple don’t really create the electronic ipod. The first MP3 people — such as the Rio PMP300 — preceded the iPod by 3 years, but in the past MP3 ended up being a mostly unlawful and very litigable structure. 

Fadell along with his peers labored to produce the iPod, that has been unveiled on Oct. 23, 2001, hardly per month following the activities of Sept. 11. It was a portable ipod with a 5GB hard disk, a simpler method to weight and purchase tracks, as well as the unforgettable tagline of “1,000 tracks inside pocket.” Apple surely could provide a portable songs unit — a physical item like Walkman as well as the turntable before it — that coupled with its electronic iTunes system. It may additionally play individuals very carefully pirated curated MP3 choices.

Nowadays, Fadell likens their iPod to an occasion pill which he wants to check out occasionally: “You type of jack in while’re like, ‘i am perfectly back again to very early 2000s songs as well as the songs before that.'”

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It’s advisable that you become master

historical ipods

A real advancement.

iPod pictures composited by Sarah Tew/CNET

The iPod assisted change Apple from a struggling computer system producer into the planet’s biggest business. Fadell informed CNET the group ended up being traveling because of the chair of their jeans with regards to built the iPod. But creating 1st design was just half the fight.

As with Apple it self, the key into the iPod’s durability was reinvention. The iPod experienced numerous design alterations in its life time — from a “dumb” songs unit loading a difficult drive, to a screenless fob, entirely as to the happens to be really a cut-down iPhone. Although the focus was predominantly on songs, these devices attained a few functions with time.

Fadell stated the manufacturers held including a small amount of ability every year so that they “didn’t overwhelm the people.”

“You focus on songs, atart exercising . photographs and podcasts and movies and games,” he stated. “therefore hold layering on and going for something brand-new.”

iPod Classic

The iPod Classic.

Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

This branching-out resulted in lots of designs through the years through the Nano into the Mini and in the end to touch. To a contemporary attention, more inscrutable of those could be the iPod Shuffle — a person without a screen and merely a straightforward collection of settings — but its viewpoint of “running your personal radio place” in addition has driven online streaming solutions like Pandora and Spotify. Despite having most of these variants, the one which looms biggest could be the iPod Vintage, along with its iconic scroll wheel and chunky, clutchable form.

Despite its advancement, Apple’s concept of maintaining audience with its shut ecosystem was the answer to the interest in not merely the iPod, but contemporary products like iPhone and iPad. As an element of this method, Apple funnels any 3rd party acquisitions through its profitable App shop. Fadell stated that during the early times it was done to enhance compatibility.

“It actually all stemmed from iTunes and iPod and making all of them work extremely effortlessly really.”

The iPod additionally resulted in many innovations, such as the Bluetooth presenter. The Bose SoundDock 10 ended up being among the first products to include both Bluetooth and an iPod dock. When Apple changed through the 30-pin connect into the Lightning connector — successfully killing the iPod dock — it absolutely was Bluetooth that became the winning function.


iPod docks like Bose SoundDock paved just how for these days’s Bluetooth speakers.


We additionally would not have podcasts with no iPod — it really is within the title — and it is an understatement to state your structure is raging at this time. Whenever septuagenarian comedian Steve Martin tends to make a TV tv show about all of them you realize podcasts tend to be a completely founded an element of the zeitgeist.

For 10 years, the iPod as well as its numerous factors grabbed the general public’s imagination — the often-parodied, silhouetted iPod advertisements had been apparently every where — nevertheless the unit’s appeal ended up being continuously tested, because of the biggest menace originating from within Apple. 

Pretenders into the throne

The ipod features weathered many threats with its time, the majority of that have been referred to as “iPod killers,” from Microsoft’s Zune to Sony’s reinvented Walkman to high-end designs through the loves of Pono.

None of those shot to popularity in the manner their particular creators hoped, because of the iPod frequently catching around 80per cent of this marketplace during its heyday. No, it absolutely wasn’t various other MP3 people that have been the best menace into the iPod, but a much more skilled types of types of unit.

“the true competitors emerged whenever cellphones began getting information — cellphones getting to be 2.5G, needs to seem like Sidekicks and needs to placed on MP3,” Fadell stated.

The Motorola Rokr E6 bombed practically when it struck racks.

CNET Systems

Apple flirted by using these alleged “feature mobile phones” by assisting to produce the infamous Motorola Rokr in 2005 — but that item was not outstanding phone plus it ended up being a straight even worse ipod. It had been, but the predecessor to something which would come to be a lot more important as compared to iPod. 

In 2007, Apple established its first iPhone on AT&T as a unique, plus it ended up being the rational advancement of this organization’s tips. It had been a lot more than an iPod with an antenna inside it. This product ended up being user friendly plus it could play songs, look at internet while making calls. It had beenn’t through to the iPhone 3G, which benefited from reduced prices, a faster mobile link as well as the recently introduced App shop, that folks started flocking buying these devices. 

Pockets and pocketbooks are merely therefore deep, and thus Apple’s followers achieved the point whereby that they had to select amongst the two products. “folks are just probably carry one unit. What type will likely be their particular go-to unit — interaction or news?” Fadell stated.

Despite brand-new and much more convenient sizes and shapes, including sports-friendly videos, the iPod’s times had been today numbered, as well as the business it self ended up being the main one the culprit. Also Apple respected that.

“We anticipate our old-fashioned MP3 people to decrease with time even as we cannibalize ourselves because of the ipod itouch as well as the iPhone,” Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s primary economic officer stated in July 2009, as reported by MacWorld.

The sluggish decrease

whenever I talked with Roger Cheng, CNET’s mind of development, about composing this piece, he reacted with: “could be the iPod nonetheless live? Oh damn it really is.”

After 2010, the price of iPod releases slowed down much more folks invested their cash on iPhones and competing Android os mobile phones alternatively. Various designs begun vanishing through the organization’s lineup. We stated good-bye into the iPod Vintage in 2014 and, now, the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.

The introduction of online streaming songs solutions during the early 2010s had been the last dagger within the heart of this iPod. People no further must weight mobile phones with tracks beforehand once they could hear songs everywhere with a cell link. With an iPod Touch either you must make every effort to install tracks for traditional hearing or, much more likely, remain tethered to a Wi-Fi system to supply your Spotify playlists. 


The ipod itouch (2019) close to the Nintendo turn.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The newest form of the iPod arrived on the scene in 2019 plus it ended up being the opportunity the business to aim another reinvention. The ipod itouch’s launch coincided because of the launch of the Apple Arcade, the business’s very first video gaming membership solution, as well as the iPod ended up being today pitched as a complementary video gaming unit.

The concern ended up being your iPhone ended up being constantly an even more well-known video gaming unit as compared to Touch, and also at rates between $199 and $399, gamers had been much more drawn to the shiny, brand-new Nintendo turn alternatively. Obviously, the turn cannot simply take photographs or look at internet, in their report on the 2019 ipod itouch CNET’s Patrick Holland labeled as it “more adorable bit of nostalgia you certainly do not need.”

In one interesting footnote into the iPod’s twenty years, these devices features outlasted the MacOS system that established it — Apple iTunes — because it ended up being changed with musical as soon as Catalina premiered. (iTunes does continue to exist on Microsoft windows.) 

Apple don’t answer my needs for discuss this tale, as soon as we contacted general market trends company NPD for product sales information, the business stated that product sales have been “pretty minimal over the past five years approximately.” The basic concern continues to be: is-it a matter of whenever, and never if, the ipod itouch is the close to get?

what’s the future the iPod?

Despite the effective thoughts that nostalgia evokes, it really is not likely your iPod will enjoy another renaissance in the manner that various other items have actually. Single-use products like turn as well as the iPod Vintage are actually getting rarer, and several digital devices can perform a lot of things sensibly really. The situation for Apple usually there are numerous products that will do just what the Touch can perform, plus they can perhaps work as a telephone also.

For a decade, Apple as well as the iPod had been inexorably connected — your fortunes had been linked with another. Those times have actually passed away today due to the iPhone, a resurgence of Macs and a multitude of add-ons. These days, the iPod’s history is much more significant than its product sales. 

Yet the ipod itouch nonetheless hangs all over website, regardless of if it requires a little bit of strive to think it is. It is ambiguous the reason why Apple keeps it around — value? nostalgia? — exactly what’s even more select could be the history your iPod produced hence informs new services for instance the AirPods 3.

It’s already been couple of years because the final form of the iPod, that’ll be the very last. If this design vanishes quietly with another website redesign, as performed the iPods before it, we are going to get rooting through base cabinet for a 30-pin adapter to tell united states of this memories. Ours and Apple’s. 

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