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‘Doctor Strange 2’ Illuminati, Explained: Who Are These Elite Marvel Heroes?

“Stephen Strange. The Illuminati will truly see you today,” claims Karl Mordo in Doctor unusual inside Multiverse of Madness, hinting at a grandiose encounter with awesome Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes.

The 28th MCU motion picture arrived in theaters on Friday and delivered the ex-Sorcerer Supreme (Benedict Cumberbatch), Avenger/Disney Plus celebrity Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and brand-new hero The united states Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) on a wild trip through several realities. This brings all of them into connection with some iconic figures.

“The movie wears its continuity gently, with the multiverse idea going huge with cameos and twists on Marvel lore that definitely draw whoops of take pleasure in loaded theaters,” CNET’s deep Knightwell stated in their analysis.

Let’s action into a star-shaped portal and simply take a closer evaluate a few of these fantastically SPOILERY cameos. We have explainers for the motion picture’s closing and post-credits moments, in addition to a summary of unanswered concerns.


A murderous Wanda is set to take The united states’s capacity to produce doorways to alternate realities, that’ll enable the woman to reunite together missing sons, Billy and Tommy, by seizing control over the multiverse. The united states and unusual flee to a futuristic truth designated Earth-838. The MCU is Earth-616, which is exactly the same designation directed at the mainline comic world — recommending each is definitely the prime truth of their method.

Seeking assistance from this earth’s unusual, they discover he passed away heroically and it has already been changed as Sorcerer Supreme by Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor). Earth-616 Wanda pursues the woman victim across realities, utilizing forbidden Darkhold miracle to own your body of the woman Earth-838 equivalent.

Elizabeth Olsen in her dark red superhero outfit in Marvel's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Fear the Scarlet Witch.

Marvel Studios

The charming-but-sneaky Mordo medications The united states and unusual, taking all of them on Central Park head office for the Illuminati. This set of elite heroes are going to be familiar to longtime Marvel followers — why don’t we proceed through each one of these, and their particular terrible, terrible fates.

Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

This may be the the one that most likely made your movie theater shout with pleasure. Reed Richards may be the frontrunner for the Fantastic Four, Marvel’s very first superhero staff. The supersmart scientist can extend their human body into more or less any form.


A Calm Spot functions bearded John Krasinski. He sports comparable undesired facial hair as Reed Richards.

Paramount Photographs

he is played right here by John Krasinski (of The workplace and A peaceful destination popularity), an actor who followers have actually called to be cast in the role for a long time. Unsurprisingly, Krasinski is more or less perfect as Reed, infusing the smoothness using correct combination of gravitas and heat.

Ol’ Stretcho kindly describes the chance of Wanda’s multiversal insanity causing an incursion — an apocalyptic occasion occurring whenever one multiversal truth crashes into another. And he encounters Wanda.

Fantastic Four 18 cover

Reed does not also have a beard, but he seems great with one.

Marvel Comics

“i’ve kids of personal. I am aware your discomfort,” he claims, so that they can explanation together. 

She requires if their particular mother is live, that he reacts inside affirmative. Into the comics, Reed is hitched to other FF user Sue Storm (aka Invisible girl) and kids tend to be Franklin and Valeria.

“Good. You will see some body left to boost all of them,” Wanda reacts.

Sounds like a threat, since it is. Reed extends off to restrain this lady, but she magically levitates him before ripping their human body aside like sequence mozzarella cheese and bursting their mind. I assume Earth-838 has actually an excellent Three today.

We have not seen this personality’s Earth-616 equivalent however. It is confusing whether Krasinski will reprise their part inside future MCU Great Four movie or if perhaps it was simply a nod to followers who have already been wanting for him becoming cast. He is ideal for this component, however it could possibly be a touch too apparent.

Charles Xavier in X-Men

There’s some thing therefore reassuring about Patrick Stewart as Professor X.

twentieth Century Fox

Charles Xavier/Professor X

This man has got the many cinematic reputation for the Illuminati users, with Patrick Stewart going back to the part he originated from 2000’s X-Men. This is simply not exactly the same type of the effective psychic mutant we saw in those flicks, but it is quite thrilling to see Stewart returning.

Marvel is able to optimize Xavier’s psychological effect, placing the hero in the trademark yellowish hoverchair through the comics and offering united states a hint for the ’90s X-Men animated sets motif as he gets in (the tv show normally getting a Disney Plus revival).

Xavier shows much more compassion than their other Illuminati, that don’t trust Earth-616 unusual because their Earth-838 equivalent destroying possible in the Darkhold-assisted pursuit to beat this truth’s Thanos.

“only because some body stumbles and manages to lose their particular method does not mean these are generally lost permanently,” he claims.

sadly, this empathy does not assist as he encounters Scarlet Witch. Xavier dives into the woman brain and attempts to assist Earth-838 Wanda restore control over the woman human body, but the woman Earth-616 equivalent materializes regarding the emotional simple and snaps the X-Men creator’s throat. It is mirrored inside actual world.

No much more mutants without a doubt.

This may be the 4th time Stewart’s Xavier has actually died — he is disintegrated by a black Phoenix-possessed Jean gray in X-Men: the final stay (though he transfers their brain into a comatose client), Sentinels blast him offscreen in X-Men: times of Future Past‘s dystopian schedule (yesteryear is rewritten fleetingly later, therefore it is undone), and a clone of Wolverine fatally stabs him in Logan.

Blackagar Boltagon/Black Bolt

Inhuman master Ebony Bolt is played by Anson Mount, whom formerly portrayed the smoothness inside bad 2017 Inhumans television show (plus recently starred in Star Trek: unusual brand new Worlds). Given that frontrunner of a near-human types, whom gains arbitrary superpowers through connection with Terrigen Mist, their sound keeps amazing destructive energy.


We final saw Ebony Bolt inside Inhumans show, no person’s preferred Marvel tv show.


He utilized this capacity to perform the Darkhold-corrupted Earth-838’s unusual in the behest of their other Illuminati.

“i’m very sorry,” Ebony Bolt claims, killing their fallen buddy.

whenever the Inhuman confronts Wanda, he suffers probably the many terrible fate. She magically seals their lips, causing him to freak-out and scream internally, helping to make their mind explode from inside. Pardon me while i’ve some weep.

We have no idea in which Earth-616 Ebony Bolt is — the tv show concluded with him leading the Inhumans from their particular old residence regarding the moon to world and which makes it their house. Do not view it though, it’s not great.

Maria Rambeau/Captain Marvel

It appears that within world, Carol Danvers’ other pilot, rather than this lady, ended up being empowered because of the Tesseract, trying out the mantle and getting one of many earth’s best heroes. This personality ended up being introduced in Captain Marvel, and it is played by Lashana Lynch (in addition regarded as this new 007 in No time and energy to Die).


“greater, additional, quicker, child.” Maria Rambeau surely got to travel without an airplane in Earth-838.

Marvel Studios

Earth-838 Maria is using an eco-friendly Starforce consistent, recommending that she may have stayed a friend for the Kree  — Danvers switched contrary to the alien battle on Earth-616. She is confident she will overcome Wanda and sets up a significant battle, but eventually ends up becoming broken by a statue (it seems slightly like Jocasta, the feminine type of Ultron).

On Earth-616, Rambeau did not get abilities. She ended up being a founding person in Sword, a company that defends our planet against extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional threats, and died of cancer tumors at some point after Thanos’ genocidal breeze. The woman child Monica gained power based abilities during occasions of WandaVision, recommending the Rambeaus tend to be destined for superheroics.

Captain Carter

Earth 838’s Peggy Carter has-been empowered because of the Super Soldier formula, most likely as opposed to Steve Rogers (whom became Captain The united states in Earth-616). We had been formerly introduced to Captain Carter in a year ago’s exactly what If…?, but this might be an unusual type of the smoothness.

Captain Carter in Marvel's What If...?

Captain Carter ended up being quite dazzling with what If…?

Marvel Studios

Hayley Atwell has actually played the non-powered Earth-616 Carter several times and voiced Captain Carter inside animated show, but it is our very first time witnessing this lady playing a superpowered accept the smoothness in live-action. Unlike the woman exactly what If…? equivalent, she augments the woman capabilities with a jetpack, and it’s really exceedingly cool.

sadly, she is no match for Wanda. Whenever Carter flings the woman Union Jack shield in the Scarlet Witch, it really is delivered traveling right back at this lady so we see just what takes place when you neglect to get the vibranium disk. You receive cut by 50 percent in the waistline, Darth Maul-style.


Peggy existed a life of pleasure in several realities.

Marvel Studios

In Earth-616, Carter existed through World War II along with a number of activities inside her two-season television show. She co-founded espionage company Shield, expanded old and passed away peacefully inside her sleep-in Captain The united states: Civil War. Steve Rogers in addition returned over time and hitched an unusual type of Carter in Avengers: Endgame.

We final saw the exactly what If…? Captain Carter being employed as a Shield representative because tv show’s season 1 finale.

Karl Mordo

In this truth, Mordo and Strange’s relationship ended up being eroded whenever Mordo became extremely envious of Strange’s energy and impact. Following the Darkhold-corrupted Sorcerer Supreme ended up being killed by their allies, Mordo thought the name and took their spot one of the Illuminati.

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His jealousy bubbles up when Earth-616 Strange taunts him, and the pair battle. The more athletic Strange leaves Mordo stuck in a hole in the Illuminati throne room (shouldn’t have skipped leg day, Karl), and he ends up as the group’s only survivor. Lucky him, but also a bit embarrassing.

Marvel's Illuminati 1

The movie Illuminati has some members in common with the original comic lineup.

Marvel Comics

Earth-616 Mordo became disillusioned with his fellow sorcerers after seeing their constant violation of the natural laws. In the first Doctor Strange’s post-credits scene, he steals a magic user’s energy and declares that there are “too many sorcerers” in the world.


In the comics, the Illuminati is a group of superhero leaders who meet and share information to avert disaster. The original roster included Tony Stark, Namor the Submariner, Reed Richards, Black Bolt, Doctor Strange and Charles Xavier.

Earth-838 had a similar lineup — it’s likely Marvel decided it was too early to bring Tony back in any universe after his heroic sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame. Atlantean prince Namor has yet to appear in the MCU, but it’s likely he’ll appear soon, given his long comic history with the Fantastic Four.

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