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‘Doctor Strange 2’ Ending, Explained: Marvel Teases and Sequel Possibilities

Doctor odd within the Multiverse of Madness struck theaters Friday, with manager Sam Raimi going back to Marvel the very first time since their Spider-Man trilogy covered up in 2007. An encounter with teenager hero The united states Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) causes the previous Sorcerer Supreme to move away from familiar Marvel Cinematic Universe and explore various other realities, pursuing the aid of other Avenger Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) on the way.

“Just because the moderate hero regarding the movie seems just a little missing, a very good main chase keeps the narrative going therefore the mixture of adventure, scary and activity is balanced with a swagger worth cocky superhero physician Strange himself,” CNET’s deep Knightwell stated in their analysis.

These activities occur following the activities of Spider-Man: not a way Home, which saw odd helping Peter Parker after Mysterio revealed the teenager’s key identification into entire globe.

It’s time for you observe how physician Stephen Strange’s adventure within the Multiverse of SPOILERS wraps up. We also provide another article scuba diving in to the post-credits views, if those fascinated you, a look within Illuminati and a list of WTF concerns the film left united states with.


Scarlet Witch, corrupted

Determined to reunite along with her magically produced sons Billy and Tommy after dropping all of them within the WandaVision finale, Wanda Maximoff has brought The united states Chavez to the woman drafty Scarlet Witch temple near the top of Mount Wundagore.

She’s already been corrupted because of the Darkhold, a novel of forbidden miracle, and begins casting a spell to take The united states’s capacity to produce portals between realities — which can be just a little suggest, because it’ll show deadly the brand new hero.


Wanda Maximoff defintely won’t be getting the woman Avengers account card restored any time in the future.

Marvel Studios

However, performing this allows Wanda to get across into a real possibility in which the woman guys occur. Formerly, she’d just had the oppertunity to enter that world through dark miracle generally dream-walking, which permitted the lady to briefly take control the human body of the woman equivalent on Earth-838, connect to the woman sons and hunt our heroes.

It appears like Sorcerer Supreme Wong (Benedict Wong) has-been killed, since Wanda dropped him down a cliff after he attempted to end the woman want to compromise The united states.

Undead Unusual

Strange therefore the Earth-838 variation of their ex-girlfriend Christine Palmer tend to be caught in a real possibility in which Sinister Strange — a warped type of him which tapped into that planet’s Darkhold — caused an apocalyptic occasion.

They beat that planet’s odd, making him impaled on a fence, and MCU Strange utilizes the Darkhold to dream-walk in to the corpse of Defender Strange — a version of him which’d already been killed while assisting The united states.

Undead Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness

Extremely badass.

Marvel Studios

This prohibited work encourages the spirits regarding the damned to hunt odd, although undead hero handles to tame the wraiths and transforms all of them into a wonderful shadowy cloak — i might require an action figure of the.

Confronting Wanda

Since there is no chance becoming tossed down a mountain would eliminate Wong, he handles to rise backup into temple just like their corpse-inhabiting pal shows up. They no-cost The united states, which delivers Wanda to Earth-838 and reveals the lady wicked to that particular truth’s Billy and Tommy.

Seeing exactly how much the woman entire “demonic witch” buzz upsets the guys tends to make Wanda recognize the scary she actually is wrought. Going back to the MCU, she tears down the lady temple, destroying the Darkhold in just about every truth and apparently smashing by herself. It is a sad end the previous Avenger, who is actually had trouble in life.

A delighted ending?

Strange components means with Earth-838 Christine, admitting he constantly liked the lady MCU equivalent. At magical temple Kamar-Taj, The united states learns the mystic arts — apparently as a way of managing the woman truth hopping capabilities. Unusual bows before Wong, obviously accepting him whilst the brand new Sorcerer Supreme.

Strange repairs the elegant view Christine provided him using one of the very early times, recommending he is shifting (at the very least i really hope therefore, since she actually is hitched). Apparently content, he strolls across the new york road until a 3rd attention sprouts in the exact middle of their forehead, verifying he’s already been corrupted because of the Darkhold.

Is Wanda dead?

It certain appears like Wanda destroyed the woman life as she ruined the temple and Darkholds throughout the multiverse, but the woman condition as a robust miracle wielder renders the doorway available on her behalf return — the woman awful deeds could possibly be blamed regarding Darkhold corrupting the woman brain. WandaVision in addition developed the chance that the woman enthusiast Vision could come-back, in which he could be desperate to keep track of the woman down.

Wanda’s arc within motion picture echoes the comic tale in which grief over the woman missing, magically produced sons caused the lady to generate the House of M, another truth in which mutants ruled, therefore the subsequent Decimation, in which she wiped the abilities of all of world’s mutant populace. She ended up being in the end used, so the woman MCU equivalent could follow that course.

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Is Strange evil now?

No, the mid-credits scene robs this cliffhanger of any tension by showing him strolling down the street again and calmly opening his third eye when he meets Clea.

We might see him grappling with the Darkhold’s corruption in a later appearance though. It’s unclear where he’ll show up next, but Agatha Harkness — former owner of the Darkhold — is getting her own Disney Plus show sometime in the future. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania also seems like it’ll continue the multiverse plotline when it comes out next February.

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