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Candy Stars Praise Jessica Biel’s Killer Transformation

Jessica Biel features exchanged in red-carpet gowns along with her perfect lengthy hair for a curly brief bob and oversized eyeglasses.

That’s right, the celebrity is virtually unrecognizable as accused axe murderer Candy Montgomery in Hulu’s true-crime show Candy. So it is not surprising online is abuzz about the woman change. One lover wrote on Twitter, “I’m not sure just who must hear this but Jessica Biel is Candy.”

The change isn’t just a flattering one (another individual commented, “I’m sure they are able to have discovered an improved wig for Jessica Biel.”) But Biel’s co-stars Pablo Schreiber and Timothy Simons protect that it is reflective of that time together with real-life defendant in the middle associated with the murder situation.

“I believed she seemed great,” Schreiber stated in a unique meeting with E! Information. “witnessing pictures of Candy Montgomery and witnessing the girl emerge from the truck initially, all props to Katie Ballard, our locks fashion designer, to actually nail that wig and nail all of the wigs, actually. I do believe she performed an excellent work with this tv show in creating appearance that simply considered extremely genuine and worthy of the period of time.”

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