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Can Not Eating Make You Dizzy? A Dietitian Explains | NEWSRUX

Feeling dizzy is a sensation most of us have skilled in some unspecified time in the future in time.

Although you in all probability know the sensation, it’s not all the time simple to pinpoint the precise trigger. In reality, there are numerous issues that may trigger dizziness.

Not consuming sufficient could also be one reason for dizziness, nevertheless it’s not all the time the case.

On this article, we’ll cowl why not consuming could make you are feeling dizzy, what different points may cause dizziness, and a few steps you possibly can take if you’re feeling that method.

Hypoglycemia happens when the quantity of glucose — typically referred to easily as “sugar” — in your blood drops beneath a worth of 70 mg/dL (1).

This state is extra generally referred to as “low blood sugar,” and it’s one thing it’s possible you’ll expertise recurrently in the event you’re residing with diabetes and having bother managing your blood sugar ranges.

You may as well expertise low blood sugar abruptly because of components like (1):

  • excessive climate
  • consuming alcohol
  • modifications in altitude
  • skipping meals or undereating generally
  • not consuming balanced meals that present sufficient vitamins

Blood sugar comes from digesting carbohydrates (carbs), and it’s the first supply of power for the mind. Thus, skipping meals or avoiding carbs may cause your blood sugar ranges to drop, which can end in a sudden bout of dizziness (2, 3, 4).

For those who’re feeling dizzy after skipping a meal and questioning in case your blood sugar has dropped, another warning indicators you would possibly expertise embrace starvation, confusion, sweating, and shaking (1, 5, 6, 7).

This mix of signs is probably going an indication that that you must eat one thing.


The meals we eat offers power to gasoline our our bodies all through the day within the type of blood sugar. Carbs particularly are wanted to energise the mind. When the physique experiences a scarcity of gasoline, your blood sugar could drop, inflicting you to really feel dizzy.

Dizziness is a posh sensation that may really feel numerous other ways and could also be attributable to many various issues (8, 9).

More often than not when somebody says they really feel dizzy, they’re doubtless attempting to explain a sense of unsteadiness. They could really feel as in the event that they’re spinning, floating, or someway off-balance. However dizziness may entail feeling faint, woozy, weak, or lightheaded.

When somebody feels dizzy, it doesn’t mechanically imply that it’s as a result of they haven’t eaten sufficient.

Quite, it’s finest to take a look at the complete image of signs and circumstances to higher perceive what’s inflicting the dizziness.

Listed below are another causes of dizziness — and some ideas to assist decide in the event that they could possibly be affecting you.


In some instances, dizziness that comes on shortly could also be a warning signal of one thing extra extreme, like a stroke (10, 11).

In a single small examine, practically 40% of stroke sufferers reported sudden dizziness across the time of their strokes, whereas a separate examine estimates that 4–15% of sufferers who report sudden dizziness may truly be experiencing a stroke (12, 13).

For those who’re feeling dizzy and start to note different severe warning indicators of a stroke — together with numbness one on aspect of your physique, issue talking or seeing, or a extreme headache — name emergency providers instantly.


Very similar to not consuming sufficient may cause dizziness, so can’t consuming sufficient.

In reality, dehydration can simply be confused with low blood sugar since many signs of every are comparable — feeling dizzy, faint, and lightheaded (14).

Another signs that will assist distinguish dehydration from low blood sugar are producing urine that’s darkish in coloration and producing much less urine than regular (15, 16, 17).

Ear infections

Feeling dizzy is a standard symptom of an internal ear an infection (11).

On this case, there’s an opportunity you’ll expertise a extra particular sort of dizziness often known as vertigo (9, 18).

If you’re feeling dizzy, it’s possible you’ll simply really feel barely faint or off-balance. Nevertheless, vertigo is a extra particular sensation that entails feeling like both you or your environment are transferring.

It may really feel like spinning or being tipped over — even if you’re standing completely nonetheless and upright.

Experiencing vertigo is extra prone to make you are feeling nauseous than different forms of dizziness and could also be a tell-tale signal that you simply’ve bought a difficulty along with your internal ear.

Study extra in regards to the distinction between dizziness and vertigo right here.

Different causes

Dizziness is a generally reported symptom of many circumstances.

Listed below are a number of extra potential causes of feeling dizzy that will have little to do with how a lot you’ve eaten (19, 20, 21):

For those who really feel dizzy for a chronic time period, your dizziness subsides however returns ceaselessly, otherwise you’re involved about your signs, it’s a good suggestion to speak with a medical skilled.


Not consuming sufficient is only one potential reason for dizziness. It is also associated to an ear an infection, dehydration, medicines, anemia, an allergic response, head accidents, a stroke, and extra.

For those who’re feeling dizzy, one of many first issues you need to do is sit or lie down. Don’t try and drive or function any sort of apparatus.

Dizziness causes a lack of stability, which may simply result in falls and accidents — particularly in older adults. Due to this fact, it’s finest to keep away from standing or strolling till the sensation passes (22).

For those who’re suspicious that your dizziness could have been attributable to not consuming sufficient or going too lengthy with out consuming, attempt to eat or drink one thing with energy as quickly as potential.

The human physique breaks down and take in carbs for power faster than another vitamins, so if yow will discover an excellent supply of easy carbs — like fruit juice, bread, a cup of milk, or a little bit of honey — consuming certainly one of these will assist restore your blood sugar ranges shortly.

In a pinch, even a chunk of sweet or one thing else candy would possibly do the trick, however understand that counting on candy treats to keep up blood sugar ranges and stave off dizziness is just not a wholesome long-term possibility.

As soon as the preliminary bout of dizziness has handed, strive having one other snack that pairs a fiber-rich complicated carb with a lean protein. The mix of vitamins ought to assist to maintain your blood sugar ranges from falling abruptly.

Some examples of snack combos that pair complicated carbs with lean proteins are:

  • yogurt with fruit
  • whole-grain crackers with cheese
  • peanut butter toast
  • reduce veggies with hummus

Treating different causes of dizziness

For those who assume that one thing apart from undereating is making you dizzy, you’ll want to converse with a medical skilled like a health care provider to pinpoint the precise trigger.

Search assist instantly in the event you start to expertise different notable signs like numbness, chest pains, any sudden modifications in imaginative and prescient, or a fever.

Within the meantime, you possibly can attempt to alleviate the sensation by:

  • consuming water
  • mendacity down in a cool, darkish, quiet place
  • avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco


For those who suspect that not consuming has triggered you to really feel dizzy, discover a fast supply of carbs to assist restore your blood sugar ranges. Chances are you’ll want to sit down down in a cool, quiet place till the sensation subsides. Follow consuming water and keep away from stimulants.

Dizziness is an disagreeable feeling that will embrace being faint, weak, or lightheaded.

It may possibly additionally tackle a extra intense feeling within the type of vertigo, which can really feel extra such as you or your environment are spinning.

Not consuming sufficient energy to the purpose that your blood sugar ranges start to drop is one reason for dizziness, however the feeling will be associated to many different points as nicely.

For those who’re feeling dizzy, it’s a good suggestion to attempt to eat and drink one thing. If that helps, it’s possible that low blood sugar or dehydration was the trigger.

Nevertheless, if you’re experiencing dizziness frequently, it’s finest to observe up with a healthcare supplier who will help consider your state of affairs — even in the event you discover that consuming or consuming appear to alleviate the sensation.

Constantly undereating or skipping meals to the purpose of dizziness could also be an indication of disordered consuming or an consuming dysfunction.

Think about reaching out to an consuming disorder-informed therapist or registered dietitian in the event you really feel that you’d profit from bettering your relationship with meals.

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