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Bibingka (Filipino Rice Cake) Recipe

The reason why it really works

  • Baking the bibingka in banana leaves imparts a definite exotic taste. 
  • The inclusion of cooking dust creates a fluffy, sponge-like surface.
  • Finishing the bibingka with melted butter and a sprinkling of sugar beneath the broiler caramelizes the most effective.

Consuming bibingka, a fluffy, softly sweetened rice dessert, is closely related to the holidays are into the Philippines. It absolutely was the key reason We went to those midnight public as a child—the intoxicating scent wafted along the aisles for the chapel along with me personally inching nearer to the doorways in an attempt to function as the very first one at preferred bibingka stall.

Bibingka belongs beneath the umbrella of kakanin, a group of native candies composed completely of rice-based treats, like biko. It is is usually created from somewhat bad galapong (surface fermented gluey rice), coconut milk, liquid, and sugar. The dense batter ended up being poured into terra-cotta pots lined with banana leaves, topped with increased banana leaves, and in the middle of hot coals. This cooking strategy produced a soft, spongy dessert infused using exotic aroma of toasted banana leaves.

My meal because of this easy rice dessert is a nod toward people we consumed developing up, the popular bibingkas of Balasan, a municipality into the main Philippine province of Iloilo. Easily baked in an oven (no hot coals needed), this bibingka is flatter and chewier and topped with caramelized macapuno (the smooth, jelly-like skin of a coconut varietal). I’ve made the banana leaf recommended, however if you are capable of getting the hands on a banana leaf, make use of it to line your cooking pan. Making it, whisk collectively melted butter, sugar, egg, coconut milk, cooking dust, a-pinch of sodium, and a variety of white and nice rice flours into a batter, afin de it into a cake cooking pan or cast-iron cooking pan, and bake the dessert in a moderately hot range until it starts to set at sides. At that time, pull the dessert from the range, level macapuno extraordinary, and send it back toward range before the dessert is wholly set. Pull it once more, obtain the broiler going, sprinkle the top the dessert uniformly with sugar, then a brief enchantment beneath the broiler’s intense temperature creates a lightly charred bibingka with nice caramelized macapuno.

Bibingka is most beneficial enjoyed cozy with a cup of steaming hot tea or coffee, and although it is related to xmas, it is tasty anytime of the season. Please additionally top yours with sliced up salted duck-egg, shredded cheddar mozzarella cheese, or pineapple pieces!

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