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Best Massage Gun for 2022

Exercise is really important to leading a healthy lifestyle, but it is quite normal for most people to forget that data recovery the most essential components of the procedure. Handling and advertising muscle tissue data recovery after a good work out makes it possible to get the maximum benefit from the physical fitness program, and it also does not have becoming tough, both. A massage weapon could make a positive change in reducing muscle tissue tenderness and accelerating rehab, and there is a big marketplace available to select from.

Like numerous things, massage became never as available through the pandemic, as well as the marketplace for individual therapeutic massage firearms exploded to fill the void. You will find loads of choices available regarding searching for a brand new therapeutic massage weapon, and locating the right one for your requirements can typically be challenging. Therefore let us break up the the inner workings (as we say) of just how these percussive massagers work and exactly why they could be therefore helpful.

A therapeutic massage weapon utilizes the power of percussive treatment — also referred to as vibration treatment — to govern the body’s smooth muscle. They may be really supported by similar substantial clinical study that aids massage while the ideal device for the treatment of a sore muscle tissue after a good work out. From leisure gym-goers to expert professional athletes and folks with persistent discomfort, lots of people love percussive treatment from all of these effective massagers.

Percussive treatment has been confirmed to assist muscle tissue retrieve quicker while decreasing muscle tissue discomfort, lactic acid accumulation and muscle tissue tiredness. Additionally help alleviate problems with delayed onset muscle tissue tenderness. A percussion weapon enables you to give attention to a particular muscle tissue team or muscle tissue knots for instant pain alleviation. Additionally increase flexibility and versatility, encourage circulation, assistance with muscle tissue tightness plus. Percussive treatment might even assistance with stress and sleep. In addition, not too you ought to purchase a muscle therapeutic massage weapon as a result alone, however the slow-motion video clips of therapeutic massage firearms punching muscle tissue look insanely Insta-worthy. Simply be careful about making use of a massage weapon when you yourself have any accidents beyond a muscle ache from a hardcore exercise. 

We’ve tested over 30 therapeutic massage firearms at this stage, as well as the after six tend to be CNET’s selections for the greatest therapeutic massage firearms for 2022 for muscle tissue data recovery and pain alleviation. We are going to consistently upgrade this most useful therapeutic massage weapon record once we see fit.


The Theragun Prime is a component of this 4th generation of Theragun therapeutic massage firearms. Its previous equivalent had been the Theragun Liv, that used to stay this variety of most useful therapeutic massage firearms, and is additionally evaluated detailed right here.

The Theragun Prime’s primary impressive function usually it really is much quieter than its now-defunct equivalent. Indeed, the Prime rivals the notoriously peaceful Hypervolt Plus when it comes to amount degree — that is a huge enhancement from Liv.

The improvements do not hold on there, though: where in fact the Theragun Liv just had two preprogrammed rates and included two closed-cell foam accessories, the latest Theragun Prime features five integral rates (from 1,750 rpm to 2,400 rpm) and is sold with four closed-cell foam therapeutic massage weapon accessory minds.

At $299, the Theragun Prime is costly, but does not cause sticker surprise that can match the Pro G4 (below). This percussion massager often continues on purchase for $249 if not reduced, therefore look out for the.

To myself, the improvements result in the Theragun Prime appear definitely worth the cost. Your competition on Prime, for me, may be the initial Hypervolt: those two therapeutic massage firearms have numerous comparable functions and hover round the exact same budget range. The selection is yours when it comes to generating!

David Carnoy/CNET

Therabody’s Theraguns are the gold standard in percussive treatment, so its many luxurious, feature-rich muscle tissue weapon design should be among the best, right? 

In all-truth, i must state yes. Having tested over 20 therapeutic massage firearms, including three various other Theraguns, the Theragun professional is quite dang impressive — specially set alongside the past distinct Therabody therapeutic massage firearms. (The Theragun G3, an equivalent percussion massager variation, was once about this record. You can easily review our complete analysis to find out more.) 

The Theragun professional G4 is, first of all, much quieter than its previous version. Loudness was a chief issue of Theragun purchasers because the organization’s start, as well as the brand name eventually made a move to treat that. 

i am maybe not saying the professional G4 is quiet — the sound degree continues to be louder than other therapeutic massage firearms — nonetheless it does not rattle my mind just like the G3 performed, compliment of Theragun’s brand-new QuietForce tech. If you should be an athlete or really serious exerciser who is able to cope with a massage unit that appears like a muted turkey carver (therefore’re prepared to spend a premium price for percussive treatment close at hand), the Theragun professional G4 is a good option for you. 

With as much as 60 weight of power, a rotating supply and ergonomic handle, a-deep get to of 16mm into the muscle mass, and boosts to 2,400 reps each and every minute, the Theragun professional is made for people who require genuine percussive treatment several times each week. Simply speaking, this percussion massager may be the genuine bargain, but it is not likely beneficial when it comes to typical exerciser. 

Previously, the TimTam new energy Massager had been my choose for the greatest high-powered therapeutic massage weapon, however if you’ve got cash to pay, you cannot defeat the ability and general quietness of this Theragun professional. 


This $130 percussive therapeutic massage weapon from Sportneer works amazingly really when it comes to cost. It provides six rates of percussive treatment and hits as much as 220 watts and 3,200 reps each and every minute. 

Depending about what energy environment you utilize, battery pack life about this therapeutic massage weapon will last from two to six hours. We utilized the Sportneer unit pre and post exercise sessions, and on sleep times, and I also never ever believed dissatisfied with all the deep muscle therapeutic massage knowledge.

The Sportneer therapeutic massage weapon is sold with six mind accessories, two that have actually material recommendations. You should use the material accessories to rub your self with CBD oil, crucial natural oils or pop music all of them within the fridge for a little cryotherapy. 

This percussive massager can be reasonably peaceful: the web site promises the therapeutic massage weapon hits at the most 40 decibels, that will be a softer sound degree compared to the amount where many people tune in to songs.

I formerly evaluated the Sportneer K1 therapeutic massage weapon, that will be another the best value unit using this brand name for $30 less.

Ekrin Athletics

In the percussive treatment arena, there is a typical trade-off: energy for noise. It really is difficult locate a moderately listed and peaceful however effective therapeutic massage weapon. Ekrin Athletics has generated that having its B37 therapeutic massage weapon. 

The Ekrin Athletics B37 therapeutic massage weapon packs all of the leading business criteria, including an ultra-quiet engine (also less noisy compared to the Hypervolt, in my experience), multiple-speed and stress configurations that deliver as much as 56 weight of power, an eight-hour electric battery life, an ergonomic design and a convenient travel case with a few therapeutic massage mind accessories. 

At an inventory cost of $230, the worthiness is remarkable — it really is a minimal cost when it comes to worth you can get, while the Ekrin therapeutic massage weapon even compares to the popular and extremely desired companies within the percussive treatment arena. And, it really is supported by a very long time guarantee, generally there’s actually no reason at all to not ever at the very least attempt the Ekrin Athletics B37 therapeutic massage weapon. 

Ekrin Athletics is a member of family novice regarding the muscle tissue weapon scene, but make no blunder: This brand name, created by two previous collegiate professional athletes, is increasing criteria and reducing charges for percussive treatment.


The Hypervolt Go may be the most recent launch from Hyperice, and it’s really less heavy, smaller as well as the least expensive weapon within the Hypervolt range. At significantly less than $200, it really is a whole lot for a gun that is almost because effective while the full size designs that shopping for $300 or more. It weighs in at 1.5 weight, rendering it well suited for vacation once you do not want to compromise valuable room within carry on or gymnasium case. 

we tested the Hypervolt Go and had been really impressed at just how effective the weapon believed. When compared to Hypervolt (that we in addition tested), we practically couldn’t inform an improvement when it comes to power. The full size Hypervolt does have much more accessories (the Go features two), however the Go comes with three-speed configurations, that will be nonetheless impressive for a little weapon. If you should be not used to therapeutic massage firearms and are also in search of a great item to use at a lower life expectancy cost, the Go is a good item in the first place. 

— Mercey Livingston, CNET contributor


The Achedaway professional is a well liked for super-sore times. Calm and simple to take care of, this therapeutic massage device features five energy and rate configurations which range from 1,700 to 2,800 rpm, which in accordance with the organization tend to be worthy of get up muscle tissue, launch fascia, get rid of lactic acid, supply deep muscle therapeutic massage and enhance muscle tissue data recovery.

Its record cost of $299 is nearer to the high-end of things — really, this Theragun option is up indeed there with all the top-level Theragun professional G4 — however the Achedaway professional frequently continues on purchase. The Achedaway massager seems durable, does not result in the inside your mind rattle and offers differing quantities of muscle tissue relief therapeutic massage which can be appropriate aching muscle tissue. 

The greater energy configurations believed great once I was not aching, but don’t harmed tender muscle tissue, either — an ideal combination within my guide. Like a number of other massagers, the Achedaway professional is sold with several mind accessories for rubbing various groups of muscles. The rechargeable-battery is detachable for simple and transportable charging. 

additionally tested

We tested the next percussive therapeutic massage firearms throughout the last 2 yrs. Though they don’t result in the slice when it comes to preceding groups, several are nevertheless great services and products. Always check all of them on to check out if an individual may be a good choice for your needs.

Theragun Elite

If you are looking at a $400 therapeutic massage weapon currently, you could aswell get the maximum benefit effective therapeutic massage weapon available and buy the Theragun Pro.

Theragun Mini

Though great (and great convenient), the Theragun Mini is louder than any such thing I would desire to use on an airplane. My knowledge is the fact that Hypervolt Go gets the many configurations most abundant in travel-friendly functions. 

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus With Bluetooth

A solid therapeutic massage weapon, the Hypervolt Plus rivals the Theragun in functionality and effectiveness, however the Ekrin Athletics B37 swiped its area as “most peaceful.”

Hyperice Hypervolt

Hyperice’s initial therapeutic massage weapon continues to be an excellent percussion therapeutic massage weapon alternative, but i would spend additional $50 to obtain the Hypervolt Plus if it was the brand name I happened to be after. 

Ekrin Athletics Bantam 

This is a great mini therapeutic massage weapon, nonetheless it does not bring as much functions while the Hypervolt Go. Its $40 less expensive, however, so that it may be the correct option for you.

Ekrin Athletics B37S

Another great item from Ekrin Athletics, the B37S ‘s almost because peaceful as the sibling the B37. My knowledge about the B37S usually it really is like the Hypervolt when it comes to energy, design and sound.

TimTam energy Massager Pro

TimTam’s professional therapeutic massage weapon is extremely effective, nonetheless it comes with some gentler configurations aswell — it offers five configurations versus both configurations available on its step-down equivalent, the TimTam new energy Massager.

ExoGun DreamPro 

With all of the therapeutic massage firearms available today, the ExoGun DreamPro is not our top selections, while you will get it at a steep rebate today. It provides warm energy as well as the design is notably clunky, rendering it uncomfortable to put on for very long durations. 

NordicTrack Percussion healing Gun

This therapeutic massage weapon don’t wow: it isn’t extremely effective, however this percussion therapeutic massage weapon continues to be louder than numerous designs about this record. The impression seems a lot more like vibration than percussion.

TriggerPoint influence therapeutic massage Gun

Coming from organization that produces the brilliant lime foam rollers available at every gymnasium, I experienced large objectives when it comes to TriggerPoint therapeutic massage weapon. These people weren’t rather satisfied, while the therapeutic massage weapon is sold with only one accessory and it is never as effective when I anticipated. 

Compex Fixx 1.0 Massager 

The Compex therapeutic massage weapon is like a cross between TimTam and Theragun. It’s a variable mind and three rates, so although it’s absolutely nothing dazzling, it receives the work done. 

Sportneer K1 Percussive Massager

This therapeutic massage weapon had been a high choose until Sportneer arrived with a brand new variation. We nonetheless believe this is certainly a high-value therapeutic massage weapon and it’s really really worth attempting if you prefer one thing within the $100 range.

Recoverfun Mini rub Gun

At just $79, this therapeutic massage weapon is a good entry-level selection for any person scared to cover a full-sized therapeutic massage weapon or higher-end transportable therapeutic massage weapon.

MuscleGun X

A cheaper item from MuscleGun, this revolutionary product is on par with other people with its budget range. It really is similar to the Sportneer Elite K9 therapeutic massage weapon. The aluminum accessories tend to be an excellent touch. 

Vybe Pro 

With nine rates and eight accessories, the Vybe professional is a good selection for individuals who desire some flexibility. 

Vybe V2

This one suits the TimTam therapeutic massage firearms when it comes to energy, sound and design, thus I won’t suggest it on person with average skills. But if you prefer one thing really intense, do it.

HoMedics Thera-P Heated therapeutic massage Gun

The home heating factor about this therapeutic massage weapon is an excellent touch and it’s really really relaxing. But the cable and minimal energy production will outweigh that result for most.

Renpho portable straight back Massager 

Another budget-friendly choose, the Renpho Back Massager positively tends to make complete right back massage treatments effortless and doable yourself (whereas a number of other products need another individual). It is not that effective, however it is soothing. 

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager

My initial “best spending plan choose” from 2 yrs ago features because already been changed, as public of therapeutic massage firearms have actually showed up in the marketplace. This can be nonetheless a cheap and solid deep muscle massager alternative, if you are okay with a cord (I’m sure, blasphemy). 

what things to look out for in a percussive therapeutic massage gun

Speed and energy: These two elements are the main. Everybody’s discomfort threshold and therapeutic massage choices vary, but anybody can reap the benefits of a massager with at the very least two configurations: one becoming less intense in order to nonetheless utilize the weapon on really aching muscle tissue what your location is experiencing muscle tissue stress or discomfort.

Type of movement: As talked about within the NordicTrack information, percussion and vibration are extremely various. When you shop for a massage weapon, consider which system is much more crucial that you you. 

Portability: If you will be vacationing with your therapeutic massage weapon, you will need the one that can squeeze into a bag or suitcase, or the one that possesses its own travel case. Though nearly all are without a doubt handheld massagers, some products tend to be instead cumbersome, including the TimTam designs.

Attachments and add-ons: in which in your human anatomy are you going to utilize the therapeutic massage weapon? In the event that you’ll just utilize it in your huge muscle tissue, such as for instance the back and feet, you almost certainly have no need for numerous accessories or add-ons. However if you wish to utilize it on particular places and trigger things, including the arch of the base or your throat, might reap the benefits of smaller accessories designed for those particular places.

Battery life: quite self-explanatory — the much longer battery pack life, the higher, as with every electronic devices.

Cost: it’s also important to try to find a therapeutic massager unit affordable. The most costly therapeutic massage firearms frequently provide even more flexible rate, energy and movement configurations, but cheaper designs can simply finish the same job. 

various other great approaches to cure difficult exercise sessions

If you are not precisely in to the concept of punching muscle tissue — that can easily be painful if you should be actually aching and tender — you must know that therapeutic massage firearms are not your sole option for post-workout data recovery.

Cryotherapy: ever before question just what it really is want to submerge your system in subzero conditions? Using the developing interest in whole-body cryotherapy, you can test it literally everywhere.

Far-infrared treatment: Tom Brady utilizes elegant infrared-infused sleepwear and bed linens to help keep himself in tip-top form. It really is expected to cause similar advantages as heat treatment, but without really causing you to sweaty. Find out if it really works. 

Compression treatment: what is been with us for a long time as a medical treatment made its means in to the physical fitness globe as a recovery system. You could feel silly using huge expansive shoes, but there is some quite persuading research behind compression treatment for muscle tissue data recovery. 

Using a foam roller: you can stay glued to the fundamentals. Science states making use of a foam roller is perfect for tight muscle tissue dilemmas and combined mobilization, that may assist alleviate some tenderness — or at the very least help you maneuver around when you are currently actually aching. Hyperice, the organization that produces the peaceful Hypervolt therapeutic massage weapon, in addition tends to make a vibrating foam roller, to get the results of percussive treatment and foam moving as well. 

Recovered and able to strike the gymnasium once more? Overcome monotony in your after that treadmill run to see if Orangetheory Fitness is really worth the hype. 

even more health guidelines

The information found in this informative article is actually for academic and educational functions just and it is maybe not meant as wellness or health guidance. Constantly seek advice from a doctor or any other skilled wellness supplier with regards to any queries you’ve probably about a medical problem or wellness targets.

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