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Balenciaga Slammed for $1850 “Destroyed” Sneakers

Balenciaga’s most recent high-end shoes seem like they will have strolled the runway several thousand times. 

The deluxe French style brand name recently revealed its advertisement promotion for the limited-edition Paris Sneaker, which can be made to look (fashionably) damaged with scuffs, rips and markings for $1,850. A less-tattered choice, with just a few rips, works $625.

The prices regarding the, um, lived-in searching footwear caused backlash on social networking, with singer-songwriter Neena Roe phoning Balenciaga on for its “poverty-chic” design.  

“they are offering these shoes appear like they belonged to somebody who could just manage one footwear their particular whole adulthood for *625 BUCKS,*” she proceeded. “Unchecked capitalism is mind-boggling.” 

“@BALENCIAGA only create an innovative new make of ‘distressed’ footwear available- at $1850,” composed another user. “Their particular option to place these footwear available for sale as of this cost permits wealthy individuals to put on impoverishment as a costume and cosplay the experiences regarding the bad – those obligated to put on footwear similar to this from requirement.” 

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