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A history of Trader Joe’s and Joe Coulombe, the man behind the brand

Joe Coulombe, a struggling convenience shop owner in l . a ., determined in 1967 to start a food string to attract the little but developing wide range of well-educated, well-traveled people that conventional supermarkets had been disregarding.

“i’ve a perfect market at heart,” he informed the l . a . occasions in 1981. “that is someone who got a Fulbright grant, visited European countries for 2 many years and created a taste for anything except that Velveeta” ordinary alcohol and Folgers coffee, he stated.

Coulombe acknowledged that intercontinental vacation had been going to explode due to the brand new Boeing 747 striking the marketplace. For title of their brand new shop, Coulombe arrived on Trader Joe’s to stimulate unique pictures of Southern Seas. Title had been encouraged by Trader Vic’s, a favorite Tiki club restaurant were only available in Ca.

One advertising specialist believed it absolutely was an awful title — “Trader” had been “anything involving offering faulty horse-flesh,” Coulombe stated inside the memoir, “getting investor Joe,” posted in 2021, annually after he passed away at age 89.

But it stuck, therefore the very first investor Joe’s established in Pasadena, Ca, in 1967. The place had been perfect for their brand new target buyer, enclosed by university campuses, a hospital and huge manufacturing corporations.

“he had been a grocery outsider who was simply in a position to see things in a different way,” stated Benjamin Lorr, composer of “the trick lifetime of Groceries: The Dark Miracle of United states Supermarket.” “He desired to make use of this notion that meals had been research, that meals had been vacation and adventure.”

Nautical motif

The very first investor Joe’s shop had a nautical motif with marine items including a ship’s bell, seafood netting and half a rowboat. The browse countertop had been an island with a roof. Workers wore Polynesian tops and Bermuda short pants. The supervisor had been known as captain therefore the associate was partner. And lilting Hawaiian songs played on the loudspeakers.

But the item seemed nothing beats everything’d get a hold of at a Trader Joe’s these days.

The initial shop had a normal convenience store range of food, along side reduced publications, publications, clothes and hosiery, files and image finishing. The major draw, but had been the liquor choice.

The original Trader Joe's in Pasadena, California. It opened in 1967.

California had fair-trade regulations on liquor, therefore makers set minimal rates therefore had been unlawful going below all of them. Since Coulombe could not contend by providing affordable prices, he respected he previously available all kinds to face aside.

The initially Trader Joe’s boasted of getting the whole world’s biggest range of liquor — 100 labels of Scotch, 50 labels of bourbon and gin and 14 kinds of tequila.

Coulombe in the course of time discovered a loophole in Ca’s fair-trade regulations that permitted their store to transfer high-end French wine and offer it for reduced rates than rivals, assisting him achieve wine connoisseurs. (it could never be until many years later on that Trader Joe’s introduced its popular $1.99 Charles Shaw wine, referred to as “Two-Buck Chuck.”)

wellness craze

By early 1970s, Coulombe seized regarding the developing wellness meals action, thinking it could attract equivalent form of clients just who in addition been wine connoisseurs.

“their a few ideas on advertising food originated from their advertising of wine,” Benjamin Lorr stated.

Trader Joe’s very first private-label item had been granola, after which it began including fresh squeezed orange liquid, nutrients, peanuts and dried meals and mozzarella cheese. At one-point, Trader Joe’s had been the greatest US importer of brie.

Coulombe became immersed within the wellness meals tradition in Berkeley and bay area.

“we hired a new hippie girl from the University of Ca at Santa Cruz to show united states the lingo,” he stated.

Brandenburg Brownies and Sir Issac Newtons

In 1977, Coulombe remade Trader Joe’s once more — establishing it on a path that might be much more familiar to these days’s clients.

In reaction to the termination of fair-trade regulations on liquor in Ca also cost settings, Trader Joe’s required brand new techniques to develop revenue and remain competitive. It removed many family essentials and cleansing basics and dedicated to meals. In addition it slashed how many products it transported and relocated to mainly offering private-label products.

“even as we developed Trader Joe’s, its best deviation from norm was not its dimensions or its decoration,” Coulombe stated. “it absolutely was our dedication to item understanding, something had been completely international on mass-merchant tradition, and our switching our backs to branded product.”

The organization also placed its private-label brands and marketing in order to connect with well-educated buyers — Brandenburg Brownies and Sir Issac Newtons, as an example — Coulombe stated.

Creating powerful private-label choices to competing nationwide companies will be one of is own legacies within the grocery store business, stated Lorr. “That changed the total amount of food business. Out of the blue, grocers tend to be empowered in ways these weren’t.”

But Coulombe resisted setting up a large number of brand new shops.

Trader Joe's has more than 500 stores across the United States today.

The a small number of shops Coulombe performed available were in south Ca, which fit the demographic profile he had been searching for — instructors, artists, reporters also experts.

In 1979, Coulombe offered Trader Joe’s on category of Theo Albrecht, then your owner of Aldi food string in European countries. (Aldi in america is individually had because of the category of Theo Albrecht’s bro Karl.)

Aldi professionals would travel from Germany to go to Trader Joe’s about annually, nevertheless they took a hands-off way of managing the developing string.

By the full time Coulombe stepped straight down as leader in 1988, Trader Joe’s had 27 Ca shops and approximately $150 million in product sales.

It will be their successor as leader, John Shields, an old fraternity bro at Stanford, just who led Trader Joe’s off Ca and switched it into a national string. In 1996, Trader Joe’s unsealed its first couple of shops regarding the East Coast, in both Boston suburbs.
By 2020, Trader Joe’s had a lot more than 530 shops and approximately $16.5 billion in product sales, in accordance with the newest information offered by Supermarket Information.

“My successors at Trader Joe’s took a 30-store string all over the country with remarkable adherence on fundamental principles we started off with,” Coulombe stated this season.

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